What Are The Main Influences On The Quality Of Life In Sunderland?

Besides belonging to one of the most beautiful seaside areas in Britain what are the main influences on the quality of life in Sunderland, UK? Over one billion pounds are being invested in the municipality in the next few years. This will include new housing, luxury apartments, and designer shops, to bring this vibrant metropolis to the level of wealth it deserves.

Sunderland Software City

This initiative is expected to bring new industry to the area and employ thousands of people. The expected worldwide investment should pump millions of pounds into the local economy.

University of Sunderland

This innovative, forward-thinking university sits in the heart of the city. With strong links to local industry and business, which enhances their high standard of teaching and make the learning experience more meaningful. The university has two campuses, one inside the city limits and one by the seashore.

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The university has won awards for its ability to adapt and seize new opportunities. It has piloted many government programs, initiatives, and projects.

Nightlife in Sunderland

Sunderland is the largest city in the Northeast and has a very active nightlife with several bars and nightclubs. University students mostly live in the downtown district and take the shuttle to and from classes. This puts the hottest nightspots at their doorstep.

Musical Entertainment

Sunderland is fortunate to be on the “gig circuit” so it plays host to a wide variety of musical talent. The residents can regularly enjoy the talents of the nation’s best musicians, as well as those who are just making a name for themselves. All are welcome to perform in this swinging town that loves to party.

Improved Bicycling Routes

In 2009, the city recognized the importance of cycling not only as a way to stay healthy, but also to reduce emissions from motor vehicles. With that in mind, the existing cycling routes were improved. Hazardous routes were removed, and new safer routes added. The surfacing material includes non-slip surface, as well as better lighting. Art works along the routes have been added to honour the bicycling enthusiast.

The Most Livable City in the U.K.

Sunderland aspires to be the most livable city in the U.K. With that in mind, building and housing codes have been re-examined with new safety and environmental concerns being addressed to ensure a high standard of living for all residents.

The Housing Service has placed teams throughout the city to address the needs of residents like proper maintenance of buildings and grounds, landlord accreditation, and other issues as they arise. The vulnerable population, as well as the aging adult residents needs are given full support to maintain their independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

Arts and Entertainment

The Sunderland Arts and Creative Department has active and ambitious arts, entertainment, and cultural programs designed to encourage and facilitate the growth of creativity of the residents, visitors, and businesses. Cultural interests and art practices to reflect the city’s diversity is the main goal of the special arts development officers and curators.

Stadium of Light

This is the fifth largest all-seater football stadium in the United Kingdom; and currently seats forty-nine thousand fans, and primarily hosts the A.F.C. matches. Sunderland residents are proud that The Stadium of Light was selected to host two matches for the England National Football Team and the England under-20 Football Team match.

Future plans are to expand the stadium to seat sixty-four thousand fans and has been selected to host the Football Association’s 2018 F.I.F.A. World Cup.

Museums and Winter Garden

Established in 1846, this beautiful facility was the first municipally funded museum, as well as, the most visited outside of London. Through the years the location of the museum has been changed for various reasons, although, the mission and purpose have remained the same. Also, housed in the museum complex are the City Library, City Library Arts Centre, and the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.


What are the main influences on the quality of life in Sunderland, UK? It is easy to see that the residents enjoy a high standard of living, with a top notch educational system, an innovative university, and a city government dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in the community. Sunderland, the city by the sea, is not only a great place to visit, it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

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